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At the heart of any business relationship, is its core group philosophy. In services, between a Corporate and a Service Provider, the marriage works only upto the point that the core philosophy, ethics and values are upheld. Any de-tour leads to divorce.
At Trends, our core philosophy is simple. ‘VALUE ADDITION’.
Just a five-letter word holds amazing amount of significance for us - personally and professionally and pushes us against the wall in every endeavor we make for ourselves and our clients. It squeezes us to our last bit, so that we deliver an enriching WOW experience to our clients every time, on every assignment. Reason enough why many clients and quite a few employees have been with us for over 40 years. And even today the new partnerships and alliances that are being forged on the same principles, are delivering similar results.
Thinking right, delivering as promised every time has been a constant at Trends. Clients take it as a given mandate, something they don’t have to ask for.
Over these years, we have built several brands, ‘one’ of them global. If it hadn’t been delivering VALUE – we couldn’t have boosted of creating ‘one’ truly global brand.
We work and make efforts on making every brand in our portfolio – a global brand.
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